VrAK's Unofficial Pages About

Welcome to VrAK's unofficial pages about MUME.
VrAKs are students at The Royal Institute of Technology electrical engineering section, that totally neglect their real life and instead play MUME (or in some rare cases other MUDs).
What is mume?...here is the answer.
VrAK's Warlords History Hack
VrAK's stat generator for MUME
(For version VI AND VII)
VrAK's map of Arda
Some Logs that might be fun to see
(New since 991124)
Info and advice about MUME
Information about some MUD-clients
Examples of code for powwow
Mume Resources.
The VrAK Jumpstation. (Maintained by Pontus)

Any comments, suggestions and questions are very welcome!

Maintained by:

Oskar Sandwall <e93_osa@e.kth.se>
Fredrik Larsson <fredrikl@elixir.e.kth.se>
Henrik Stenberg <e93_hst@elixir.e.kth.se>