What is Mume?

If you just happend to stumble on these pages and wonder
what they are about this is the page for you.

MUME stands for Multi Users in Middle Earth and takes the form of an interactive on-line game commonly refered to as a MUD. The world of MUME is based on works by J.R.R. Tolkien which come alive through both the scenery and the creatures inhabiting this virtual middle earth.

Interactions on the game can consist of individual adventures, large scale battles between the forces of good and evil or simply a stroll with friends through the countryside.

MUME is very advanced in its coding, featuring on-line world creation, it's own mud client (cancan) as well as numerous improvements in areas such as battle, mobile special effects and specialized race attributes.

There are a number of servers each linking to the same Mud. Mume is open Weekdays from 17:00 to 9:00 CET. And 24 hours Saturday and Sunday.

This text was written by Destiny/Gonshi.

You can connect to Mume by clicking on one of these links.
Or check out this current list of servers
We will soon write a newbie guide with some helpful information that will help you get started on mume.
In the meanwhile you can take a look at our spell guide and our skill guide, or look at the resource page for a list of other sites. Some of them have excellent newbie guides.

If you want to see a sarcastic, and very funny, description on how it can look when you play mume you should take a look at this story by Scrappy.

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