VRAK's Guide to spells on MUME

Magic UserCleric
1:Magic Missile (3) 1:Armour (5)
1:Ventriloquate (5) 1:Cure Light (15)
2:Detect Magic (5) 2:Create Water (5)
2:Detect Invisible (5) 2:Detect Poison (5)
3:Chill Touch (5) 3:Create Food (5)
3:Shield (30)  
4:Invisibilty (5)4:Cure Blindness (5)
4:Create Light (5)4:Detect Evil (5)
5:Burning Hands (7)5:Bless (5)
  5:Cure Serious (15)
6:Locate Object (20)6:Blindness (10)
 6:Protection From Evil (20)
7:Earthquake (15)7:Strength (20)
7:Shocking Grasp (9)7:Sense Life (5)
8:Teleport (35)8:Summon (50)
8:Nightvision (25)8:Poison (10)
9:Lightning Bolt (11)9:Cure Critical (20)
9:Block Door (30)9:Remove Poison (5)
10:Control Weather (25)10:Breath of Brisk (25)
10:Store (25)10:Curse (20)
11:Colour Spray (13)11:Divination (25)
11:Locate Life (20)11:Word of Recall (5)
12:Call Lightning (15)12:Dispel Evil (20)
12:Enchant Weapon (100)12:Remove Curse (5)
13:Find the Path (21)13:Energy Drain (35)
13:Scry (20)13:Sanctuary (50)
  13:Darkness (25)
14:Charm Person (5)14:Heal (50)
14:Sleep (15)14:Transfer (50)
15:Fireball (15)15:Fear (20)
15:Identify (100)15:Harm (25)
16:Dispel Magic (35)16:Black Breath (25)
16:Watch Room (30)  
17:Silence (15)17:Break Door (50)
  17:Hold (30)
20:Portal (100)20:Raise Dead (80)

Magic User:

1: Magic Missile (3)
This is the weakest of all offensive spells on mume. It does about 3-8 hps of damage. The casting time is very short and it might be used to break the concentration of enemy casters. Quick advice...DON'T practise it.
1: Ventriloquate (5)
This spell is also completely useless.
2: Detect Magic (5)
Another almost completely useless spell. It can be used when when you are looking through player corpses and you just want to pick up the good stuff.
2: Detect Invisible (5)
This spell is a must for all classes (Yes, warriors too) on mume. I think that casters should practise it 2-4 times and hitters should practice it 1-2 times.
3: Chill Touch (5)
It makes a damage of about 10-15 hp's and also affects you, probably lowering your ob (but that does not seem to work). Don't bother wasting your practice sessions on this one.
3: Shield (30)
This spell is a must for all casters. For a caster it absorbs almost 50% of all damage taken and it can take almost 100 hps before it goes down. Shield is one of the few spells that you can cast while it is still in place. When you do this you will "refresh" it and then it will last for another 24 ticks/100 dam. You should practise it to atleast 50+% and BNs should practise it even higher.
4: Invisibility (5)
This spell is also a must for all casters.It makes you invisible for all mobs and players without the spell detect invisibility.It also gives you some extra dodge bonus.
4: Create Light (5)
This spell can be used to refresh your laterns and torches. If you feel a need to get it only practise it once or twice.
5: Burning Hands (7)
This spell has become very popular among BNs and whitie-mages. It does about 20 hps of damage (perfect against sanced mobs/players) and it has a very short casting-time. It is the perfect spell to use to break the concentration of enemy casters and it is perfect to kill off those fleeing players that are at awful. Like all offensive spells you should get it to 95+%.
6: Locate Object (20)
This spell is beeing remade right now...will have more info on it when we know for sure how it will be.
7: Earthquake (15)
This spell does about 50 hps of damage to EVERYONE but yourself in the room. That is pretty good but bevare, everyone that you do damage to will try and kill you. It even affects your groupmembers in the same room, so use it with caution.
7: Shocking Grasp (9)
This is quite a good offensive spell.It has a shorter castingtime than lightning bolt and it can do about 40 hps of damage. Like I wrote before.....get all offensive spells to 95+%.
8: Teleport (35)
This spell is used by almost all mages and by most clerics. It is a great way to escape form dangerous situations, especially if you store it. But be prepared to be called a wimp if you use it too often to escape combat. In order to use it you need to have a teleport-key and you get that by using one of the locate spells.
8: Nightvision (25)
This spell is used to see mobs and players in darkness and in dense fog. You can not see the roomname with this spell. Nowadays this spell is a must for thieves since it is a bitch to backstab something in the dark without it. Practise it atleast 2-3 times if you are a caster since it has a minimum mana cost of 25.
9: Lightning Bolt (11)
Bolt is one of the best offensive spell. It is pretty fast and it does good damage. It has regained popularity among Orcish Shamans since it now can be practised to 85% again. If you are a mage or a shaman you should get this spell, burning hands or shocking grasp as your fast offensive spells.
9: Block Door (30)
This spell blocks a door so it cannot be opened....great for trapping people in places where they do not want to be.Break Door can be used to break a blocked door, or it can be bashed down. If the person that casted the block on the door is resting nearby it will be harder to get the door opened.
10: Control Weather (25)
This spell is used to change the weather in your zone. Orcish-shamans use it to freeze the ford (type cast 'control weather' temp lower) and whites use it to make the weather suitable for call lightning ( type 'control weather' clouds more). Not a must but quite nifty in those special situation described above.
10: Store (25)
If you store a spell you can cast it even if you are hit. Spells with a long castingtime (fireball for example) will be much faster to cast. Stored fireballs is one of the magic users best friends. Get it to 80-95%.
11: Colour Spray (13)
This spell does quite alot of damage especially against orcs and undead mobs. It's one of the best offencive spells since it is fast and storable and since it has a low manacost.
11: Locate Life (20)
This spell is also being remade right now. The only thing we know for sure right now is that it will be the spell that gives you port keys to use with teleport, scry and watch room. But exactly what you will beable to locate is uncertain.
12: Call Lightning (15)
This spell is awesome. It makes tons of damage but you can only use it outside when the weather is right (stormy for lightning).
12: Enchant Weapon (100)
This spell improves the weapon it is casted upon. (Note: levels are for a mage, if you are another class it will be different)
13: Find the Path (21)
This spell has it's uses for exploring and finding your way to strange places. It used to be a good hunting-spell, but after the changes in Locate Object it is not that useful. It gives the shortest route to a given portkey (sometimes that route is through a DT, so beware). Practise it at least medium high... it has a fairly high mana cost and you don't wanna spend all day ftp'ing. Max range is about 1-2 zones.
13: Scry (20)
This spell's main use was for hunting and spying on the opposite side. With it you can see the room name and what is in it. As with Find the Path (ftp) you'll need a portkey given by the Locate Life spell, and since the locate spells was changed it is not as useful as before.
14: Charm Person (5)
With this spell you can get mobs to follow you and help you. It doesn't work on some mobs (especially aggressive and higher level ones) and it is generally considered to be pretty useless (some BNs love it).
14: Sleep (15)
This spell used to be great to use together with backstab, but since the damage on sleeping mobs/players has been changed it will probably not be as usefull as before.
15: Fireball (15)
This is the best offensive spell on mume. It does much damage, only costs 15 mana and it is pretty fast. If you are a mage it is a must-have.
15: Identify (100)
With this spell you can find out if an object is good or bad. It gives the stats of the object.
16: Dispel Magic (35)
This spell is used to remove magic from an object or mobile. It is pretty useless in my opinion but some people likes it. Lurken has talked alot about wanting to use stored dispels against whitie-casters so bevare :).
16: Watch Room (30)
This spell is very good to have for spying. With it you can see exactly what the enemy is up too and you can see who is leading and who is sancted. It does not give your vitcims any notifications either. You will only see what is happening in the room you are watching if you are resting and are in a locatable room.
17: Silence (15)
This spell is quite good against players (especially BNs). But the problem is that it is quite easily saved. It takes away the victims ability to communicate (including casting spells), and has a few ticks duration. Not many people that I know of use this spell at all, but it might be underrated.
20: Portal (100)
This spell is also quite useful, altough it has high mana cost. With it you can move big groups around arda. It has a pretty limited range (shorter than Teleport).


1: Armour (5)
This spell is a must for all classes. It gives +10% db at low mana cost and it lasts for 24 ticks. Casters should get it to atleast 40-50% and hitters should practise it to 10-20%.
1: Cure Light (15)
Cures 1-8 hp's worth of damage. Completely useless....
2: Create Water (5)
Water is quite plentiful on arda so if you know your way around this is not really a necessary spell. But if you are a lazy caster that don't bother to carry emergency water skins it doesn't hurt to practise this spell atleast once.
2: Detect Poison (5)
Tells you if objects or players are poisioned. Completely useless....
3: Create Food (5)
Creates tasty little mushrooms and makes you popular in hugegroups. All casters should have this spell to atleast 50+%. When you are high level one mushroom will fill you up.
4: Cure Blindness (5)
This spell is useful in case you get blinded and dont wanna wait until it wears off. Note that heal will also cure blindness so it might not be necessary to practise both.
4: Detect Evil (5)
Tells you if a mobile (or player) is evil. Completely useless....
5: Bless (5)
This spell gives +5% ob and extra save against spells but only lasts 6 ticks. Warriors love it, and roleplaying clerics might find it useful for blessing everyone in their vincinity. Not a must, but gives you that extra edge you might need.
5: Cure Serious (15)
Casters should only get this spell if they cannot get heal. If you get it practise it quite high. A must for Orc Shamans. This spell cures about 15 hitpoints.
6: Blindness (10)
This spell rocks, and is Troll's enemy No 1 (Oh, besides stored fireballs then :-> ) All casters must have it and even some warriors/thiefs practice it.
6: Protection From Evil (20)
This spell is quite nifty. It will make evil mobs less aggresive to you, and is very good for those grouped casters that doesn't feel the urge to buffer big hard-hitting mobs. One note though. It doesnt work for evil-aligned playes.
7: Strength (20)
This spell is quite good. When the caster is level 19 or higher it gives a +3 strength and it last for quite some time. Warriors with practise sessions to spare should consider getting this spell.
7: Sense Life (5)
This spell is a must. It used to protect against Backstab, but that part has now been taken over by the perception skill. Sense life still makes you see when someone is hidden in the room (that might change in the future), and it also makes you more likely to notice when you are getting scried. You will need it for hunting brigands and other mobs (and players) that might hide themselves. Hitters should practise this spell once or twice and casters should get it to 30+%.
8: Summon (50)
This spell will transfer the target to your location. It does not work cross races, ie whities cannot summon darkies and vice versa. Not that all equipment the mob/player carried will stay in the room he was summoned from. The Arda Ring protects you from being summoned by anyone.
8: Poison (10)
This spell is actually quite fun...When you poison someone he/she will not regain hits/mps/mana for the time poison lasts. Might be useful in prolonged sieges or boring fights... The best thing with it is that you can posion containers and food with it. Then when someone eats the poisoned food or drinks form the poisoned container he will get poisoned.
9: Cure Critical (20)
See Cure Serious. This spell will not give any hitpoints back but it will remove your critical wounds. Necessary for those who doesn't get Heal, since critical wounds are devastaing to your abilities. A must for Orc Shamans, to aid their warrior friends who tend to get critted a lot. If you are a caster, this spell is better than "First Aid".
9: Remove Poison (5)
Might save your life. All casters should practise this spell twice at least.
10: Breath of Briskness (25)
Freshens your and your friends tired legs, and makes you popular in hugegroups. Note that larger groups get less moves back. Lately some very famous warriors have started to practise it too, and in some peoples opinion, 'bob' is a must for today's warriors. If you are a caster you should get this spell to 90%. You will want to use it often and it has a high manacost. Recenty this spell has been reduced some in affectiveness, and noone really knows how good or bad it is.
10: Curse (20)
This spell gives your target -15% ob and +1 savespell. I've never really seen anyone use it so I guess it is considered to be pretty useless.
11: Divination (25)
This spell will tell you the align (and some more info i think) about the people you are looking at. Not much use for it, since you will notice if your target is hostile to you anyway. Pretty useless.
11: Word of Recall (5)
This spell will transport you to certain spots of "ancient power". Has much lower mana cost than teleport, and has short casting time. Some clerics use it, but it requires certain knowledge about the world of Arda. Most casters tend to get teleport instead. A very convenient way for Orc Shamans to zap back to thier caves.
12: Dispel Evil (20)
This spell will hurt players and mobs that are more evil than you. It does the most damage in good zones (Rivendell is best) and might be useful in pk situations (it is extremely usefull inside Rivendell) but it has quite high manacost compared to the mage spells.
12: Remove Curse (5)
Casters might wanna practise this spell once or twice, just in case. I have never been cursed by anything though, and it's not lethal anyway.
13: Energy Drain (35)
This spell takes experience from the mobs you drain. It will also make you more evil. In my opinion, not worth the pracs.
13: Sanctuary (50)
If you can get this spell you should. Great for buffering large, hard-hitting mobs.It used to reduce the damage of a hit or spell to a maximum of 18 hps. Now it has changed so its effectiveness is dependant on wis (rumour from CH says that the formula is 50-(wis+wil) maxdam / hit). Practice it quite high.
13: Darkness (25)
This spell is darkie only. It makes the room you are in and some adjacent ones dark, even in daytime. Orc Shamans should get this spell quite high.
14: Heal (50)
The Cleric's prime spell. This spell is a must for all casters that can get it. It gives +100 hps and it will remove critical wounds (see Cure Critical). This spell is also the best way to get rid of disease, but watch out. If you have been drinking out of a waterskin when you were sick you will contaminate that skin so when you drink out of it the next time you will get sick again.
14: Transfer (50)
This spell works almost like summon (same rules apply) but the person/mobile being transferred keeps all his/her equipment. This spell can be saved so if you are gonna tras someone he should have all no-summon objects removed and be sleeping.
15: Fear (20)
This spell rocks for Clerics. It can cause those that are "weak at heart" (that is, those with low wil) to flee from the room and if you have some luck they will have a heartattack and die instantly. Use it to split up big concentrations of enemy players or mobs. Observe that this spell will affect everyone in the room that are not grouped with you. You will not get any experience point for damage done, or kills, either (a bug?).
15: Harm (25)
This spell does pretty fair amount of damage (it has been said to do about 120 hps worth of damage), but it is slow, unstorable (like all clerical spells) and it has a ridiculous high mana cost. One of few benefits with harm is that is goes right through the shield spell. Most Orc Shamans like to use this spell.
16: Black Breath (25)
Darkie only and compleately useless. This spell will remove some mana and some moves from the target. The problem is that it costs more mana to cast than it will remove from the target.
17: Break Door (50)
This spell is very useful. It will destroy a door for a period of time so it cannot be closed or locked. Very good againt those mobs that likes to lock themselves in, and it is extremely usefull for making sure that you aren't trapped in bad spots. See also Block Door.
17: Hold (??)
Darkie only. It makes your victim unable to move for a short time while you can whack him/her to Mandos. This spell has recently been changed and noone really knows what it does anymore. Rumour says that is sucks.
20: Raise Dead (80)
Darkie only. This spell will raise a shadow from the corpse it is casted upon. That is quite useful since the caster will have a pretty good buffer. Some Orc Shamans are known to wander Arda with "shadow of the Kennel master" :->. This spell used to be good when did shadow did all the backbuffing but after the changes to the buffing system it is not so good. Shadows sucks too.

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