Some Logs that might be fun to see

NOTE: We have made a minor reorganisation and the older logs are now here. For logs that are even older, take a look at the log archive.

Return of the return blow
Summary: Some orcs do a bad job of fighting around Tharbad but one of the pukes gets overconfident.
Lestat dies.
Summary: A bn mysteriously gets away from Saeros on the east side of moria, and so he decides to enter moria...
Maim rocks the house
Summary: Maim hears about pukes at crack and goes to investigate
Pukes doing outpost are run over.
Summary: Baazunga and Maim run over a few whitie pukes doing outpost near NOC
Cellar trap
Summary: Luin in trouble, Burst and Eofor to the rescue..
Eofor fucks up badly
Summary: Eofor for some reason goes into DT solo :P
Daddy and Carcass, RISING!
Summary: Daddy, Carcass and Razhim traps a half-elf and then more people come...
Trap at Dwarven Overseer
Summary: A few orcs find tracks of 5+ whities into overseer and attack
Big fight at Sage
Summary: In this log (which was sent to us by Fool) a big group enter the caves where Sage is, and gets wiped out.
Orcs tries to ambush.
Summary: A group of orcs (we had been chasing for quite some time) tries to ambush us at thornbushes.
Spooky pierce hard!
Summary: Spooky attacks a whitie thief in the sun and finaly finishes him off by piercing him to death.
Spooky and Razhim in necro area
Summary: Spooky goes into necro area and finds an elf and a man. After a while Razhim comes along for some fun :)
Spooky at Bill Ferny
Summary: Spooky takes out a few dwarfs at Bill Ferny (are they asleep or what ?)
Spam fight around slag
Summary: A bit of spamming around slag
(Just logged this because people say i never log anything :)
Trica dies
Summary: Trica dies solo to Grishnak (In a trap)
Spooky gets "frispel"
Summary: A log that starts slow but ends in a slaughter :)
Labero on 10 hps
Summary: After dying to one of Jani's usual wizkill-traps we sure needed some re-eq. Check out Labero's hps at the end. :)
Nird dies hunting mules
Summary: Nird starts to hunt the mule of a level 21 hobbit and run into a trap.
Pukes die behind bushwall
Summary: Four orcs decide to go westish to try and find some action and find tracks leading in behind bushwall !
Three pukes die at Ohurk
Summary: Maim tracks one trained horse from ford to Ohurk and decides to attack even though its sunny outside.
The deadly roots.
Summary: Galdor, Burok and Saeros attack/gets attacked at the roots above warrens with varied results.
Pukes trap themselves
Summary: Pukes block themselves in behind green at country path when killing Nemebus. A few of us charges to revenge him!
Moria escape
Summary: Enso and Shadrach gets trapped in Moria but suddenly the saviour from the sky arrives...
Priest fight backfires
Summary: Four whities against 2 trolls should be an easy and safe fight inside east priest. This is how it turned out
Nele gets a surprise
Summary: Nele gets a nasty surprise ... right through his back!
Fingeror dies
Summary: Fingeror gets targeted ... and dies in a stab...
Mammoth dies in priest
Summary: Me (Galdor), Orodreth and Dior traps stupid darkies and allmost dies (some of us did :).
Saeros the stupid!
Summary: Saeros runs into moria and does a lot of stupid things, which almost gets him killed.
Saeros charges!
Summary: Saeros charges the tower on Abr.
Cyrano helps a troll do some xp.
Summary: Cyrano does some xp outside warrens and come across a troll doing the same thing ...
Birthe and Daddy gets attacked inside west warrens.
Summary: After running past quite a few whities (around 6) Birthe and Daddy decides to seek rescue inside west warrens since day is aproaching and the wish to sundie is very low.
Trolls die in redhorns caves
Summary: Cyrano and Vasquez attacks 2 trolls inside redhorn caves
Detraman dies in warrens
Summary: I (Cyrano) attack Detraman at LB and finish the job inside warrens.
Mourn dies at thornbushes
Summary: Mourn dies to bns and gets a _bit_ angry... (Logged by Oxy)
Telas drowns in imaginary snowdrift.
Summary: Telas hunts Vertamen in behind snowdrift, or was it snowslide...
Preach's last prayer
Summary:Preach gets lured into noc by a level 13 and killed by that same orc!

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