VrAK's Statgenerator for MUME (VII)

This is VrAK's Statgenerator for MUME version VII. It was created to help players to simulate and test what stats their chars can get before actually changing or creating them live in the game.

Due to popular demand another stat column has been added enabeling people to compare two different sets of stats. This, together with the field Difference, makes it possible to see how you can change your stats after a Partial reroll.

The simulated reroll does NOT work entierly correct.
I hope to resolve this problem shortly.

To simulate a partial reroll follow these steps:
  1. Enter your stats into the column Old stats
  2. Enter your stats into the column New stats
  3. Modify the stats in the column New stats without letting the numbers the field Difference exceed 100 points.
As always you can save the stats of the column New stats in the textarea below by pressing the button Add "New stats" to list. This way you can continue with more simulations without forgetting the old ones.

Comments, suggestions and questions are very welcome to:
Oskar Sandwall <sandwall@sverige.nu>
Old stats New stats
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